Fahmi Ismail, Ike Iswary Lawanda


To ensure the availability of information needed by employees of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Operating Area 1, EDMS becomes a solution that utilizes information technology and communication in its management.. This research uses a qualitative approach with descriptive case study research method. The research data was obtained through observation, interviews and document studies. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of EDMS in structuring documents of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Daerah Operasi 1 Jakarta using the Rail Document System serves to cut time in the bureaucratic process; saving resources; and more efficient and effective access. This can be reflected in the findings obtained by researchers indicating that these components have been implemented in electronic document processing activities, although in practice there are still things that need to be improved to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the RDS system.


EDMS; Indonesian train; Rail document system; Document handling; Electronic document


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