Muthia Nurhayati


This study aims to determine the development of Tropical Fauna Journal Zoo Indonesia which includes article distribution, patterns of authorship and fauna research subject at issue in 1983-2014. This study uses informetrics
analysis of all articles in the journal. The results showed: (1) the distribution of articles on every volume published by Zoo Indonesia have increased with the last number is six articles on each volume to its publication; (2) authorship patterns show the dominant by single author of 46,08%; and (3) research subjects that most discussed is about arthropods amounted to 30,41%. The conclusion is Zoo Indonesia on his way continuously tries to improve its quality as a scientific journal by a system of e-journal and also continue to fix both physically and editorial system aspects in it.


Zoo Indonesia; Informetric; Article distribution; Authorship; Research subject

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14203/jurnalbaca.v37i1.223


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