Hermin Triasih, Rahmi Rahmi, Katrin Setio Devi


This study aims to analyse the implementation of RDM at PDDI-LIPI and to assess its staff’s understanding about RDM services. This article also discusses the challenges and obstacles PDDI faces in providing RDM services. The data was collected via an online survey from 28 July to 7 August 2020. The survey consisted of 35 questions and was shared with 36 respondents via social media. The results identified categories such as research data management services, data management planning services, data archiving services, funding, and staff competency and training needs. In addition, this article also discusses the approach and assessment of RDM services, challenges in providing RDM services, and plans for further developing RDM services at PDDI-LIPI. The results showed that the PDDI staff's understanding of RDM services is adequate. As a new service, the implementation of RDM at PDDI-LIPI continues to develop toward optimisation. RIN is a platform used by PDDI to support this goal. The three biggest obstacles faced by PDDI-LIPI in developing RDM services are limited human resources, competence and budget.  Various trainings related to RDM, both sending staff off campus and inviting trainers to campus, were carried out by PDDI to overcome these obstacles. It is recommended to conduct further research on the mapping and upskilling of staff in charge of RDM services.


Research data management; Data services; Data training; Researchers; Librarian roles; LIPI

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