Tupan Tupan, Kamaludin Kamaludin


The study aims to determine: (1) the number of open access resources for research data management publications indexed by Scopus, including the year of publication, source of publication, authors, institutions, countries, types of documents and funding agencies; (2) mapping research data management based on keywords. The results of the study showed that the number of open access resources for research data management publications has started since 1981 and the number has continued to increase starting in 2014 and the highest number occurred in 2019, namely 49 publications. The most publicized journals that open access to research data management was the Data Science Journal, which was 11 publications. The most productive author of conducting research data management publications was Cox, A.M. and Pinfield, S. The largest institutions contributing to the publication of open access research data management were the University of Toronto and New York University. The countries that contributed the most were the United States with 50 publications, then China with 38 publications. The most open access research data management in the form of articles as many as 107 and 37 conference paper publications. The institutions that provided the most funding sponsors were the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the National Science Foundation. The results of keyword mapping with VOSViewer showed that big data, research data management, information management, data management, medical research topics, software, information processing, and metadata were the most researched topics.


Research data management; Open access; Journal; Scientific publication; Data science; Indexing journal; Scopus

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